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Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012

Contoh drama dalam Bahasa Inggris

“ A Poor And A Rich Man ”

Ø Members ::
1.  Richard
2.  Tomas
3.  Tony
4.  Carolyn
5.  Maya
6.  Meisyah


Narrator  : In a village there is live a poor family such as father, mother and a child.

Narrator  : Thomas came from garden.

Maya      : Dad, what about our garden stuff, it’s sold out?

Thomas   : There are no one sold out even just 1.

Maya      : What about our future?

Tony       : yes father. What will we eat?

Thomas   : I don’t know , what should I do?

Maya      : Yesterday we don’t eat all day long. What about today?

Tony       : Mom, I’m hungry.

Maya      : Be patient Tony, we don’t have anything now.

Thomas   : Sorry, I can’t do anything.

Maya      : Let it gone. What about our live now? Are we gonna stay like this? Died because not eat?

Narrator  : Just a moment all of them thinking to find a way out!

Thomas   : What about we find a job in the city?

Maya      : Nice idea. But , when?

Thomas   : We go tomorrow.

Tony       : Hooray, we will go to the city.

Narrator  : The next day, they go to the city by the car that drive something to the city.

Narrator  : After they arrived on the city.

Tony       : Wow, the house in here are big and nice.

 Maya     : Right. It’s like a kingdom.

Tony       : It is different with our house.

Thomas   : Let it gone. Now we take some rest and then start find a job.

Narrator  : The next day, when they find a job there is a brochure in a big house number 1.




Tony       : Mom, dad, look at this !!

Maya      : Thank God, what about we try to get the job?

Narrator  : Thomas knock the door. Then come out the owne of the house.

Maya      : Good morning mom, sorry for disturb.

Carolyn    : Of course you disturb us. What’s the matter?

Maya      : We came here because we read the brochure.

Carolyn    : Hmmm…poor people. Where you come from? You make my house dirty! Now leave! Be gone!.

Thomas   : But mom, we need the job.

Narrator  : Richard and Meisyah came out.

Richard   : Who are they? A dirty and poor people that make pollution of fresh air around here! What do you want? Money, food, or donation?

Meisyah   : Hahahahahaha….so poor. Don’t have money? (with take some money and throw it to the face) here!! Not enough!?

Carolyn    : Get out from here!! Don’t come back. Security take them out.

Tony       : No need to call the security. We have feet and we will go from here.

Maya      : (With crying, grab Carolyn hand) Please mom, sir. We need this job. We not eat. Please help us.

Carolyn    : Hey!!!! Don’t touch my hand. You don’t understand I told you to leave!!!

Thomas   : Come on, we get out from here.

Richard   : Poor people like that can’t do anything. They don’t shy.

Carolyn    : But, we can use them give the job, but we don’t pay them.

Meisyah   : That’s right. Beside we need them.

Carolyn    : Call them before they too far.

Narrator  : Meisyah call them.

Meisyah   : Hey poor! You want your job or not?

Maya      : Thomas, they call us. We go there.

Tony       : But, they too bad.

Maya      : It’s okay. The important thing is we can life.

Thomas   : Alright, we go back.

Maya      : Mom, can we work in here?

Richard   : Okay you can work in here. Start tomorrow and you can stay here.

Maya      : Are you sure sir? Thank you so much.

Richard   : Okay. No more talking. Now you all of you go back to your house and tomorrow come back with a clean clothes, because we don’t like a dirty people.

Meisyah   : Now leave before your smell stay here. Tomorrow come with perfume!!!! Hahahahahahahahahah………

Narrator  : Then they back to their home. Happy because get the job. Sad because Richard and his family attitude.

Tony       : I’m afraid they will torch us.

Maya      : No. they act like that because we are poor.

Tony       : But mom, ...

Maya      : Let it gone. If we work with good, they will good with us.

Thomas   : Correct. We accept this job.

Narrator  : The next day, they ready with clean.

Narrator  : They arrived in the number 1 house.

Thomas   : Good morning. (with knock hard the door).

Meisyah   : (get out from house) hey!!!! You don’t see!!! There is a bell there.
Carolyn    : What happen????
Meisyah   : This village people knock hard the door.

Maya      : Sorry mom.

Carolyn    : Hmmm…you don’t see the bell??? Use your eyes (pushing Thomas) if our door is broke, you can pay it???

Richard   : What happen here? You guys make problem again? You guys don’t work but still make problem.

Carolyn    : This expensive door almost broke!!

Richard   : How dare you. Want to pay with what? This door is more expensive than you three.

Meisyah   : It’s so expensive. We buy it on France. You guys don’t know.

Maya      : Sorry mom and sir, we don’t repeat it anymore.

Richard   : Let it gone. Now start your job, don’t broke our furritone.

Thomas   : Okay sir, we understand.

Narrator  : Then, they go inside and keep their stuff and start working.

Carolyn    : Hey you, what’s your name?

Maya      : My name is Maya mom.

Carolyn    : What?? Mom?? From now you must call me Miss Carolyn, my husband Mr. Richard and my daughter Miss Meisyah. Do you understand?

Maya      : Okay Miss Carolyn, I will tell my husband and my son.

Carolyn    : Good. Now continue your job.

Narrator  : They continue their job with fast and carefully.

Meisyah   : Mayaaaa……………!!! (scream loudly)

Maya      : (with running) yes Miss Meisyah?

Meisyah   : (pick up 1 dress) here wash it!

Maya      : Okay Miss Meiyah.

Maisyah   : Oh yeah, this afternoon that dress must dry, because tonight I will go to party with that dress.

Maya      : But Miss Meisyah, that’s impossible this dress cannot dry this afternoon. Because this….. (cuted the conversation)

Meisyah   : (cut the conversation) you just work here no argument. Beside you have brain.

Maya      : But this dress……..

Meisyah   : No way!! This afternoon must dry, no matter what you do.

Narrator  : Because angry with Maya attitude, Meisyah thinking how to make Maya got mad from her mother and father. She found a idea to hide her parents Jewelry and then blame it on family.

Narrator  : Tony clean Meisyah parents room.

Meisyah   : Nice, my plan is perfect. I have evidence that they stole the jewelry.

Narrator  : In the night Meisyah and her parents prepare to go party.

Carolyn    : Richard, did you see my necklace and my ring?

Richard   : I don’t know. Where did you put it?

Carolyn    : In this cupboard, but now it’s gone.

Richard   : I think there are someone that stole it.

Carolyn    : Meeiiissyyaahh….!! Did you see my jewelry?

Meisyah   : I don’t know. I’m not enter this room since this morning.

Richard   : It should be Maya and her family. This is they first day and they stole Carolyn jewelry. They come here just for eat and stole. How dare they!!!

Meisyah   : Maya come here take your family too.

Carolyn    : Between all of you who stole enter my room and clean it?

Tony       : It’s me Miss Carolyn.

Carolyn    : Oh..you. Village kids. How dare you stole my jewelry (with snap)

Maya      : What happen Miss, sir?

Richard   : Teach your son to be polite. Don’t like this. We can fired all of you.

Thomas   : Sorry sir, but we don’t know about the jewelry.

Meisyah   : Hahahahaha….don’t know? Your son is stole our jewelry.

Maya      : Is that right Tony? I told you to don’t take anything that don’t belong to us.

Tony       : Mom, I don’t stole it.

Carolyn    : Then, how the jewelry can disappeared? There are no one else enter this room. Just you!!!

Richard   : A thief will not honest!! Lets find in their house. They must be hide in their room.

Narrator  : When they find…..

Meisyah   : Mom, dad, look!! What I found?? ( with pick up the jewelry) I told you they are the thief.

Carolyn    : How dare you! (snap all of them)

Richard   : It’s not full one day you work, you still our jewelry what about a year. We can just like you, became poor.

Meisyah   : That’s right dad, they don’t have any sense of shy.

Tony       : but, I don’t steal it.

Carolyn    : Enough!!! All of you get out from here. You fired.

Tony       : Sorry sir, but, I swear I don’t steal it.

Meisyah   : A thief will not be honest. If not you, who stole it demon?

Richard   : Now all of you leave this house. Call the police and busted them.

Maya      : But sir, we are not guilty.

Richard   : No it’s prove that you stole it.

Carolyn    : Call the police!!!

 Meisyah   : Alright..(calling the police).

Narrator  : Then, they busted by the police.


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